my names katie. im just a teenage girl looking to share my thoughts to everyone. 
i love fashion. well, anything art reallly. photography, painting, music, dance, fashion. anything pretty.

im still in high school and dreading every day of it. i currently work at a coffee shop and love every minute of it. the people i work with make it worth it.

people say i have a great sense of humor. i love making people laugh.

the biggest part of my life right now is everything fashion. i love thrift shopping. well, shopping in general. 

random facts:
my favorite colors are yellow, coral and turquoise. i have an unhealthy obsession with painting my nails. everytime i go shopping, i get atleast one new nail polish color. i'm a book worm. my favorite book are anything Sarah Dessen. i want a kitty so bad. instead, i have two dogs. Lauren Conrad is my inspiration for everything. i don't own one pair of heels. i've never been allowed to. i swear up and down that im going to marry John Mayer. and it will happen. 

ill update from time to time. im horrible when it comes to stuff like this.

instagram: xoxkt
twitter: xoxkt_

xox kt