Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i thought i should write a little about me. my names katie. i love fashion. im planning on FIDM in california for college. my biggest role model in my life right now is Lauren Conrad. she's everything i want to be once i grow up. she inspires me everyday to be and do better.

i also love music. im not even sure where i'd be without music. it gets me through those tough time where i just want to give up and run away. its definitely my escape from everything.

thats about all i can think about for this post. you'll learn more as you read more.

hope you like my blog <3

i'm just a teenage girl who loves everything pretty. i love love love shopping. even online. writing has always been one of my things. so i decided.. why not? ill share my thoughts and sense of fashion with everyone else.

i love meeting new people. ive quite friendly.

email me sometime! thatvintagewearinghipster(at)gmail(dot)com

twitter! xoxkt_

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