Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a bit of good news

i am just having an amazing day! i love feeling like this. 

so lately, i've been considering quitting my job and moving elsewhere for a job. i was just down in the dumps cause my boss treated me bad and looked down upon me. i just was upset and down on every level.

i've been waiting around for job offers. i applied to THIRTEEN places. not one had called me in the two weeks since i applied. but today, i got a text i had been waiting for.

my current boss texted me and asked if i would like to work at our new store in a town over. i said yes, of course. i have been wanting to work there. it just about to open, and ill be going in there, knowing exactly what to do. i asked if there was any possiblity i could train for management. and she said yes! i've been waiting to be recognized for all the great i can do for our job. and finally, i have.

it feels so good to finally be recognized. i'm so happy. this day finally came.

it may seem like not much to people. but this means alot for me. i've wanted to move up in my job for awhile. i have been there for 7 months. and now its time for me to move up. 

anyways, just wanted to share my happiness. it finally feels like things are looking up. 


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