Tuesday, April 24, 2012

here without you

you left. im still here. how am i you ask? im fine. i have to be. if it was up to me, i'd lay around all day wallowing in my own self pity. i'd cry every minute of every hour of every day. i'd give up and just stop everything. but i can't. because im better. and stronger. and greater in everyway possible. you leaving broken and made me better at the same time.
i still miss you. but i've moved on. you have too. you don't let me forget it. i loved you. you meant so much to me. but you just threw me away. i've been replaced. but no, im not jealous. im happy for you. because you finally found someone who you can treat horrible and they will accept it. she has no idea what shes getting into. you are such a horrible person for what you did to me. i hope you're happy.
im so much stronger from all of this. do i regret it? yeah sometimes. but i still have feelings for you. i always will. but ive moved on. and it feels amazing. i just miss you sometimes. i miss you way you talked to me when you were being nice. i miss all the "i love you" texts. i miss everything good about you.
but look at me now. im happy. im strong. im independent. im wiser. i know what im doing now. i've changed for the best. there are so many things i would like to say to you. but i wont.
but just know. i loved you. i don't anymore. but i did. once. you said i never did but i did. i really did.
thanks for all the things i learned tyler. that year was a learning part of my life. i hope you have a good life treating people horrible.

(a message from my friend when i was missing him)

just wanted to share a little more about me. this is one of my biggest things about me alot of people dont know. 

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