Monday, April 16, 2012

monday monday monday

i'm up super early this morning(well for me its super early). why are you up so early katie? well i will tell you.

i had to go into work to meet with the boss lady -_- i have to work ALOT this week. monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday. thats alot for me! but you know what this means?
more money for me!

i've been saving up for a laptop of my own recently. im only about $50 away. eek im so excited!
im also gathering money for my Send Something Good package :) im still trying to get to know my person before i go buy anything. :)

well i hope you all are having a lovely monday so far. im going to try and post tonight after i get off work. but we will see. 
for now, im going to get breakfast and then head back to bed. katie sleepy.


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