Tuesday, April 17, 2012

okay i lied

i decided to write a post. im just so dedicated. :)

okay so the past couple days i've been SO busy. so i thought i'd post about all the things ive been loving since im always on the go lately.

i've been so busy lately and lets be honest. wearing a regular bra when you are moving constantly all day isn't the greatest feeling. i've been wearing my Champion bra and im so much more comfortable.

it's starting to get really hot here and i have REALLY thick hair. running around in the heat isn't the best thing for my hair. before i go out, i spray my Heat Protectant by Tresemme. then i carry around a travel size dry shampoo (above) just for when i want to look decent.

staying hydrated is to important when its hot outside. i carry around this Nalgene bottle. it holds so much water and i think this bottle is so cute.

i found this adorable lanyard on Etsy. i've recently been carrying my keys on a lanyard. its just so much for convenient then carrying a bunch of jumbled keys and scan cards.

okay now im going to sleep. :) i hope you all have a lovely night. i'll try my best to update tomorrow.

what's your go to thing for when you're in a hurry?

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