Tuesday, April 10, 2012

products i want to try

i thought i'd make a post about all the products i want to try. 

all the beauty gurus on youtube use this and love it. i want to try it and see how i like it. once i have the money of course. 

i've heard great reviews about it. and i love Mac. 

im always on the look out for nail polish. its an addiction of mine. i want to try some of this nail polish. but its pricey. 

just about all of my friends have a pair of TOMS. i want a pair really bad. im saving up for a pair right now actually. but there are so many cute designs! what a dilemma.

 let me start off by saying that i love eye shadow palettes so much. i've heard AMAZING things about the Naked palettes. my goal is to eventually own both the Naked and Naked 2 palette. they have such good colors with amazing pigments. a girl can dream.

i also want to try and do more DIY stuff. i love making things myself instead of buying it. 

what're some of your favorite beauty products/clothes items that you wish you could share with the world?