Saturday, March 31, 2012

my day out shopping

i had a great day out shopping with my mom and sister. and i finally got to go to Forever 21 <3 but sadly, i didn't find that much that i liked or stuff i saw online :( but i was still happy all in all with my shopping. 

it looks so good on! the color is so pretty

i thought it was going to look weird, but you can wear it the normal way or high up with a belt. i love skirts that do that.

im still trying to find a picture of the other shirt i got. ill put a picture up if and when i find it
(FOUND IT!) well technically its a picture of me wearing it. you get to see me and all my beauty. jk

its a high-low top. the back is lace. i love it so much.

i went to Charlotte Russe too. <3

 i dont wear the cross body strap. but its so cute! so much room too <3

i also got a shirt at PacSun today. but i can't find a picture of it :( it was on sale for $13, but it was 70% off. got it for $4. i was so happy

today was a pretty good day. i'll probably post more later tonight. 

xox love you all


  1. oh my gosh where did you get the neautral toned pleated skirt? It's so pretty! And I love the sleeveless coral top you got as well! I've been looking for one just like it!


    1. I got both at Forever 21. Oh and btw, i LOVE your blog. Email me sometime. Id love to sponsor you!