Sunday, April 1, 2012

hi guys.

i thought i'd post about my past weekend. 
on friday, we packed up the car and made the 8 hour drive up to Kentucky to see my sister and her husband at their new house. the drive was long, but the scenery was amazing. seeing all the houses up on the mountains. all the farms and cows. i just love long drives so much.

on saturday, my mom, sister and I all when to the big mall in Louisville. they had a forever 21 so i was very happy. we shopped all day and then came back to my sisters house to relax. 

and then today, we did a whole bunch of nothing. we woke up for breakfast then all went back to sleep for a little bit. then me and my sister went grocery shopping. it was so nice out. we ended up going out to dinner. and now we are back at her house watching our tv shows. 


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