Thursday, April 12, 2012

products for a cause

i've found some of my favorite products AND they back a good cause. you'll love them too. 

essie teamed up with TOMS to make a color that supports A Day Without Shoes. i love the color and idea behind it.

this whistle necklace is from falling whistles. it supports the children over in Uganda. the whole Kony movement. i've supported falling whistles for 2 years now. more people should know about this.

these don't really have a cause, but im a sucker for all natural products. these are made from bamboo and all natural products. not too pricey and worth it. these are the only brushes i use. 

i also support the Pepsi Refresh Product. they helped a family in my town get money to do research for their daughters rare condition. 

i LOVE the Method products. they are all natural and have a line of products for just about anything in your house. most are cleaners for things. but they have hand soap, laundry detergent, and so much more. 


whats some of your favorite all natural or products for a cause?

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